Athena barber dating

Dale JR was formally dating Elizabeth Peschock, a 21-year-old from Charlotte.

Its disrepectful of the owner and operators of this board to post your opinions on their main page, that is for the reports of who's with who.

Here's the sitch: On his lame website, Missouri GOP dude from the stix near Kansas City i.e. "He is blessed to have a wonderful family with beautiful wife Lauren .

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Of course she has some fierce competition from model and actress Niki Taylor, who is married to Burney Lamar, actress Ashley Judd, wife to Dario Franchitti, and Krissie Newman, the beautiful brunette wife of Ryan Newman.

But any good wives and girlfriends list would not be complete without the many girlfriends of those athletes who've played the field. is considered the most eligible bachelor of NASCAR and along the way has dated the likes of Emily Maynard, among many others.

The sport of NASCAR may not be for everyone but these lovely ladies show us that professional race car drivers certainly enjoy the perks of being a mainstream athlete.

Artists such as LS Lowry and Stanley Spencer are featured in the exhibition.

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