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The crowdsourcing, free relationship app is all about quality feedback, so when you pose a question to the community, expect to receive responses that are more about empowerment and understanding than judgement and negativity, something we can always use more of.

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You can make short or long term goals and the motivation behind the app keeps you trekking along without feeling burdened or… It’s a very practical and visual app that puts healthy living at the forefront, without being over the top about it all. The 24/7 on-demand service links you with professional help whom are there to guide and answer any questions you may be having, and you’re not having to fork out a heft amount of money for their time.

They arranged dates either in person or on their home phones.

The guy went to the girl's house, picked her up, opened the car door for her, took her to a restaurant and at the end of the night gave her a peck on the cheek and asked to see her again.

I see a small amount of couples who are sublimely happy and a small amount in extremely toxic relationships. You don’t get to your 50th wedding anniversary by not paying attention. How much of that time is spent with this “love of your life”? Unless “good enough” is totally fulfilling for you…

Then there is this HUGE middle ground of people just getting by.

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    I do have the original disc, so that is not a issue on installing. Have you opened 360, clicked on settings and then clicked on administrative settings and entered the necessary information?

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