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It is just too too sweet - like a triple does of saccharine - there's no bite here at all - and the lines are good in an observational stand-up comedy sort of way but that can't sustain 90 minutes.Honestly this should be avoided - it doesn't work, the chemistry is irritating and the mock Happy Land atmosphere is like the whole world is on Prozac. Let me say from the off we love romantic comedies; we will curl up happily together put the children to bed and watch a ton of these; even the not so good.... This was just plain embarrassing from beginning to end.

One of the members, Héctor Delgado, helped him produce his first solo album.

Bolivian social housing policy has traditionally excluded the poorest of the poor in the country, who either work in the informal sector and therefore do not qualify for government-provided housing or who cannot afford to make mortgage payments.

As a result, low-income families typically begin the housing process by purchasing a piece of land on the informal market, lacking services and formal land titles.

However, this pales in comparison to the amount of virtual ads in websites such as “Mundo Anuncio’’, “Anuncios Bolivia’’, and “Bolivia Servis’’, among others.

As well as in Facebook and Whats App groups, which are updated on a daily basis and without any filter or control.

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