Tanzania immigrant and dating

His father was an engineer, his mother looks after the family.Party player: Worked with Conservative Future at university, campaigned for Boris Johnson in 2008 and currently running as a candidate for the GLA.Party player: President of the Oxford University Conservative Association, ran for the city council just a few days before his finals. Works for both Romford MP Andrew Rosindell and Northern Ireland secretary Owen Paterson. Tory idol: "Margaret Thatcher because she was a strong leader who saved the country from where it was headed.Right to buy gave everyone a stake in the country." Big idea: "I'm a fan of the Big Society idea as things like Free Schools give power to local bodies.If you're looking to do something nice this holiday season, consider sponsoring a Tanzanian child or family in someone else's name through The Small Things Give and Receive Holiday Drive.

Views about black progress also have changed somewhat.Most continue to disagree with the statement that discrimination against blacks is rare today.And while an 86%-majority says that society should do what is necessary to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, there is little support for making every possible effort to improve the position of minorities even if it means preferential treatment.Alex Stafford, 24, Ealing Background check: Catholic independent school St Benedict's in Ealing, history at St Benet's Hall, Oxford.Mother is a magistrate, father works for a US technology company.

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