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Fire crackers, Great George Square. Chinese New Year, Nottingham In a spectacular world premiere, Nottingham-based digital artist Barret Hodgson will illuminate the University's iconic Trent Building with a visual feast of digital projections which capture contemporary and traditional elements of Chinese art and culture.Visiting artist Jiang Hongsheng has contributed his signature peony brush painting to this gorgeous sequence, and musician Ling Peng features too in this unique project.PIRATES’ reserves performed a demolition job on their Wolverhampton counterparts to inspire a thrilling Premiership Shield triumph at Wimborne Road.Danish charger Nicolai Klindt and top-flight rookie James Shanes roared to a combined 24 points, the latter claiming a dream paid maximum on his home debut.Come and party with London’s Cuban community - everyone’s welcome!- try your hand (or feet) at salsa or enjoy live music from the city’s best Cuban musicians (and others that have flown in to play). Tue Guards' Chapel Recital Series Guards' Chapel, Birdcage Walk, London SW1E 6HQ. Cafe Scientifique is a place where, for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology.

A third maximum in as many heats followed and Brady Kurtz took centre stage with an expert blocking job on Sam Masters, forcing his countryman to eat dust as Hans Andersen enjoyed breathing space in front.

New front frames, indicated by the large support washer on the frame end; Extended covers for inside valves; Modified steam pipes; WB boiler; Cast-iron double chimney; Mechanical lubrication unit; Leading bogie welded repairs; Cab roof vents; BR new emblem; Raised step over the inside cylinders, below smokebox.6000 KING GEORGE V - 6001 KING EDWARD VII - 6002 KING WILLIAM IV - 6003 KING GEORGE IV - 6004 KING GEORGE III - 6005 KING GEORGE II - 6006 KING GEORGE I - 6007 KING WILLIAM III - 6008 KING JAMES II - 6009 KING CHARLES II - 6010 KING CHARLES I - 6011 KING JAMES I - 6012 KING EDWARD VI - 6013 KING HENRY VIII - 6014 KING HENRY VII - 6015 KING RICHARD III - 6016 KING EDWARD V - 6017 KING EDWARD IV - 6018 KING HENRY VI - 6019 KING HENRY V - 6020 KING HENRY IV - 6021 KING RICHARD II - 6022 KING EDWARD III - 6023 KING EDWARD II - 6024 KING EDWARD I - 6025 KING HENRY III - 6026 KI GWR KING CLASS by Derek Dean Maybe it now sounds simplistic, but the natural progression in steam locomotive lineage terms, following the most excellent 'Castle' class was a longer, larger beefed-up engine that was capable of hauling heavier trains at faster speeds.

That one single ideal was the main driving force for the CME of the GWR, Charles Benjamin Collett, who was naturally intent on pursuing the beliefs of his former governor, George Jackson Churchward, the brilliant engineer who initiated the succession of GWR 4-6-0 locomotives by designing the prototype No '40' named as 'North Star' and built as an Atlantic..other words the wheel configuration was 4-4-2.

Join our celebrations in welcoming the year of the Rooster. Meet at the DH Lawrence Pavilion stanchion with your ticket and you'll be led by the CSSA Dragon dancers to the viewing position by the Stone Lions beside the lake.- The Refreshment Room, 27 Broadway, Stratford E15 4BQ.

The UK's newest Digital Reggae Supergroup with music provided by Vibration Lab (Reggae Roast)! Brother Culture (MC Brother Culture: International Reggae sensation and UK Soundsytem Legend), Donovan Kingjay (Donovan Kingjay: Top-a-top UK Reggae singer and Youth Promotion alumni), Colourman (Fedel Henry: Original Youth Promotion MC and 1980's hitmaker with tune like: "Kick Up Rumpus"), Dark Angel (Dark Angel aka Mowty Mahlyka: Up & Coming cutting edge conscious UK MC) Fri - Tickets from 0 Classes, Live Music, Something A Little Different Latino Camden Over 18.

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