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We Chat users in China will have to keep stories of one-night stands to themselves.That's because China's Internet regulator, Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), has posted new guidelines that prohibit sexual and otherwise vulgar content the popular messaging application owned by Tencent Holdings.Also out are stories of "wife-swapping, sexual abuse, and other harmful information." The same goes for explicit pictures and text, such as nude photos and erotic anime, all of which are now banned on We Chat.Users who ignore the ban will be subject to a one-week suspension the first time they're caught.

You will find that after transferring of the money, the seller then demands other payments for “duties” or delivery charges – and ultimately, you won’t get what you paid for. Check around for more information regarding any new vendors before you hit the purchase button.

I get that this is a really millenial question, but is it wrong to judge someone based off of their sticker collection? Is it okay to judge someone based on their horrid stickers? Like it or not, We Chat stickers have joined emojis and hashtags as dialects in the new language of technology for those hunched-over individuals who interact exclusively through an electronic device.

I met a guy IRL [in real life] and we started chatting, but his We Chat sticker collection is starting to really turn me off - even piss me off, when they’re offensive. These modes of communication have become fair game for assessing those who speak this new language.

Some may view messaging as a utility, but fundamentally, messaging is the most important reasons for owning a smartphone.

This is why we have seen messaging apps such as LINE, We Chat, Viber, Telegram, Bee Talk and more explode in popularity over the past few years.

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