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The Deputy Ops wields a great deal of power and is responsible for the day-to-day activity of the department's district and investigative unit commanders.

The Administrative Deputy oversees the Internal Investigations Division (IID) and other units.

Its origin is the Latin serviens, "one who serves", through the French term sergent.

The term "sergeant" refers to a non-commissioned officer placed above the rank of a corporal and a police officer immediately below a lieutenant.

In medieval European usage, a sergeant was simply any attendant or officer with a protective duty.

The Baltimore Police Department plays an integral part in The Wire, with characters in this field range from those enforcing the law at street level up to the administrators who regulate the department.

The department is led by a Police Commissioner assisted by Deputy Commissioners of Operations (often shortened to Deputy Ops) and Administration.

The Police Commissioner answers directly to the city mayor and outlines the departmental goals enforced by the Deputy Commissioners.

Back from a year-long combat deployment in Afghanistan with the Air National Guard, Vigneault returned to his full-time job as a Springfield patrolman -- and quickly won a coveted assignment in the narcotics bureau that July. Nobody goes from being a patrolman for a year and gets assigned to narcotics," Vigneault said proudly during a recent interview at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Leeds, where he is receiving inpatient treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many countries use sergeant rank, whether in English or using a cognate with the same origin in another language.

The equivalent rank in Arab armies is raqeeb, meaning "overseer" or "watcher".

Vigneault argues he was "bluffed" into resigning in August by Police Commissioner John R. And, he ultimately attributes his demise at the police department to a dispute over a woman he began dating over a year after she ended a relationship with suspended Detective Gregg Bigda.

The pizza shop, the stolen vehicle and the Palmer incident Around 11 p.m. 26, Vigneault dashed into Primo's pizza on Worthington Street to collect a takeout order for the narcotics unit.

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