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Through conversations with herself, she tells the story of being born in a family that always wanted a boy but settled for an overachieving, nerdy career woman who can’t find a groom for herself because she isn’t a “girl anymore”.

Through the narrator, One Indian Girl explains why patriarchy thrives in India; not just because it is imposed by the men, but because these societal rules and restrictions are internalised by women.

Author: Chetan Bhagat Price: Rs 176 One Indian Girl begins with a Punjabi family. One Indian Girl’s only motif, apart from putting up a spectacle loved by readers, is an inquiry into the mind of an Indian woman -- not a girl, but a woman.

That doesn’t mean it has to be admonished because, after all, there is comfort in pattern and traditions.

You can’t possibly forget a dramatic mother coupled with a relatively sober father and a troupe of aunties. Chetan Bhagat could probably come up with a code for what entertains the Indian masses, for Punjabis plus a wedding seems to be his favourite algorithm. In a first, a Chetan Bhagat novel has a female narrator but despite its bold variations, it largely sticks to the script.

It delves into the wonderfully weird narrator, Radhika, whose internal monologue is as comical as it is relatable.

The realisation strikes again when the Goldman Sachs vice-president is told by her lover/married boss he did not see her as a “maternal” figure.

Several people have reacted sympathetically towards the woman after the video was posted online.

Desai said she reported the matter to police authorities, who allegedly said the man appears to be “emotionally unstable” and she should be careful.

The number of women's organization and those working for women's rights also increased, and during this period reports of bride burning increased.

The increase in the number of violent incidents involving women meant previously lackadaisical attitudes towards women's rights had to be revised and supported by law.

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