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He has also worked as a development associate at The Keswell School- helping children with Autism.

Ira has mentored Young Playwrights Festivals at Atlanta’s Horizon Theater and Baltimore’s Center Stage.

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Second: after the group owner invites you, Subscriber can join any group just send (group-name) to (91642) ex: if you were invited to a group called Mohamed, send SMS with (Mohamed) to (91642), this will allow you (subscriber) to join-in group (Mohamed).There are also large collections of film shot by both civilian organisations during the Second World War, such as the London Fire Brigade, British Transport Films (encompassing the then privately owned railways) and the Ford Motor Company.Two substantial collections from NATO and the UN in the former Yugoslavia are also held.Some material owned by third parties is also held for which the rights have to be cleared.DTI off-air recording licence from February 1993 to record programmes that fall within the Museum’s brief and for private individual research only.

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