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Pokemon emulator for PC download and Super Card DSTWO is 100% Compatible with Nintendo 3DS and all the older versions of the console.

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Full details on how it works downloads and screenshots you will find at NOTE: The updated version of the i Player is called Super Card DSTWO and in addition to playing GBA, SNES, MAME, DOS and other Emulators and Div X Movies it is also one of the best cards for running NDS Roms. Be careful installing a full (permanent) firmware to the 2000, early model 2000's are usually okay, but the later models have a different motherboard. But the 1000's can get full cfw without getting bricked, unless you do something wrong, which is pretty hard to [email protected] XUsername Xx Here's some answers for ya! Just go to the ' Game' then ' Memory Stick' and launch it.2) I had a PSP 2000, but I'm fairly sure it worked on all of them. Does this work on all PSP models (1000, 2000, 3000, etc.) Thanks for the guide!Take full advantage of all the games that are freely available online.Download latest torrent nds roms - put on a sd card and play in a hacked Nintendo DSi console. Softmod and flash card is all you need with a custom firmware from the DSi Hackers.

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