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This approach is very simple, and requires no code.The example below is for a Customer ID combo on an order form.Many operators also have options which affect how exactly the operator works.For example INDEX operator has options such as UNIQUE, RANGE SCAN, SKIP SCAN etc, which determine the way the INDEX operator internally works.In the Northwind sample database, the Products form has a Category ID combo.This example shows how to add a new category by typing one that does not already exist in the combo: If the combo's source table has several fields, you need a form.If the textbox is bound to the data table, you assign a value to it in VBA at runtime.Dim str Row Source as String If Len(Nz(Physician, "")) = 0 Then 'No Physician Chosen. str Row Source = "SELECT DISTINCT [Specialty] FROM Physicians ORDER BY [Specialty]" Else 'Physician chosen. str Row Source = "SELECT DISTINCT [Specialty] FROM Physicians WHERE [Physician] = '" & Physician & "' ORDER BY [Specialty]" End If Physician Specialty.

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Different operations do different things and they only know how to do "their thing".So basically what I have is: Private Sub cbo Physician_Dirty(Cancel As Integer) Dim str Row Source As String str Row Source = "SELECT Physicians. cbo Physician & "'") This will autofill the Specialty combox with there specialty. What i am trying to do is if the a physician is selected from the dropdown then add the DLookup string to the Control Source property for the Specialty Combo box.Specialty " _ & "FROM Physicians " _ & "WHERE Physicians. Unfortunately if it doesn't find the physician, then that field is not editable if the Control Source property is filled in. of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division Thank you Serrano G for the reply. If the physician is not listed in the combo box, then they will have to input the physician.The home page would have buttons that then use the onclick event to fire a macro that opens your form. FYI - I've not only used Set Value to adjust the formatting of my Risk Value field - I've also used it (so far) to update the sub-form Allow Additions property because, as I found out, using " Open Form" or " Browse To" macro actions with a Data Mode of " Edit" automatically enables Additions (overrides the setting on the form).-- Andrew Bauman I like the look/feel of the navigation form mostly because I do a good deal of development work in applications that have a consistent "template" look/feel to them (whether they be websites with master pages or other apps) and the built-in Nav function seems great out of the box. Like I said earlier - I'm a VBA guy normally and I could have done this stuff in VBA with my eyes shut ... I couldn't see the Set Value macro action at first until I did a " Google" on it and realized I needed to click " Show All Actions." So - I have a follow up question. Problem is, Access doesn't have a data mode that allows edits but not additions.

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