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She can be reached by telephone at 714-638-3488 or e-mail her a Dr. To speak with Vilma personally, you may call her at 714-226-0701Monika A.Carole Carbone in certified Psychic counseling, Holistic Healing counselor, Hypnotherapy and ET. She is also an ordained Metaphysical Minister, Doctor of Metaphysics, Doctor of Divinity, Reiki Master practitioner and Parapsychologist. Kruger, Romney, West Virginia is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist.She comes from a place of integrity and love and is a gifted therapist. She provides a confidential, gentle and supportive environment for her clients. Lisa also works with spirit guides and angels within the healing process as well as exploring life between life times and counseling for contact experiencers. Some of Karin's workshops on the following subjects: Dream Intelligence, Journaling, Weight Reduction, Past Life Regression (i.e.Wendy helps her clients to go deep within themselves to find that place of strength, wisdom and calm that dispels self doubt and fear. If you would like to make an appointment with Lisa or would like some more information, you can reach her at (250) 598-7530 or by visiting her angel sculpture website: Eileen A. soul agreements, removing blocks) working with Life's Journey, to name a few.

You are fleeing from it, but you can’t escape and it crashes over you, pushing the air from your lungs and you surface from sleep terrified and gasping for breath.Carole Carbone, is available for private seminars/workshops or motivational instruction personally tailored for your group or business? Carbone also offers Private Appointments in the following areas: Past Life Regression Therapy, Psychic Counseling (in person or via phone consultation), and Personal Hypnotherapy sessions. Two books, Two Worlds, Developing Your Psychic Skills and Help! You can contact Jennifer at (760) 416-0450 or her website at Karin Peterson-Sitrin, Marlboro, NY is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist and Hynotherapist, a Certified Grief Counselor, and a Karuna Reiki Master Instructor.Get Me Out of Wendy Chesney is a Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Psychic Counsellor, and a Certified Past Life therapist. She is presently working on her MA in Expressive Therapy. She has been involved in Metaphysics for over 20 years.The Martian seems to know instinctively what we learned painfully from modern physics, that observer acts with observed through the process of observation.'Grok' means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience.

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