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Here's a look at some of the well-known uses of this precious element.

Carbon (C) is the 6th most abundant element found in the universe, and it has a variety of uses in our everyday lives.

Continued use jars the wrists slightly, but the non-slip grips fitted to the PVC-coated tubular steel handles are good. The handgrips are a bit basic but the buffers really work, helping to reduce jarring to the wrists. Performance very good Value for money very good Price £19.95, by mail order from Darlac (01753 547790;

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Every day she receives hundreds of samples of earth taken from the mine. …then pulverized to the consistency of baby powder. But two rows above gold is another metal of antiquity that looms large in our lives: copper; symbol Cu; atomic number 29—29 protons, 29 electrons. Bronze helped to spur global trade, and, once forged into tools and weapons, it played a defining role in the empires of antiquity. I'm here because they're about to cast several bells.

It can be found in group 14 of the Periodic Table, and the atomic number of carbon is 6.

The uses of carbon, which is a non-metallic element, can be understood better once the properties of the element are clear.

This rock face is about a quarter mile below the surface, and, according to John Taule, it's loaded with gold, somewhere. That's where Gayle Fitzwater and the assay team come in. I think I've seen one of these machines at Starbucks. It is, perhaps, the most emotional of the elements. Tin added in small amounts to copper makes bronze, the first manmade metal alloy. This is The Verdin Company, a 170-year-old family-run business in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Here, at the Cortez Mine, in Nevada, high-tech prospectors are moving mountains, closing in from above and below. Which raises a question: if the gold is invisible to the naked eye, how do they even know if they're digging in the right place? Eight bars, million, sitting on this unassuming little table. Of all the elements that touch our lives, nothing drives humankind to acts of love or destruction like gold. Copper alone is impressive stuff, but when ancient metallurgists combined it with another element, they invented a much tougher material that went on to conquer the world. Tin; symbol Sn; atomic number 50—50 protons and 50 electrons.

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