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It’s a question often asked: What attracts women to men?

Are some guys just born naturally attractive to women, or is it how a man lives his life that makes him attractive?

Intimate dinners and nights lying in each other’s arms. Consider commitment a verb and look at his actions, not his words.

There will be no need to speak; you’ll know each other’s thoughts and be comforted by them. Let’s say his name is Bennett, but his friend’s call him Benny. You posed a question that made him wince: “Benny, where is this relationship going? Effective actions/results demonstrate commitment; words rarely do.

In fact, I have myself been working on a book entitled “Why White Women Love Black Men,” though my publisher has suggested I change the title to “You Stupid Bitch, WTF is Wrong with You?

He’s stressed about the ad campaign he’s working on, but he still makes time for you. In short, if his actions don’t match his words on the important things and you stay with him, it is at your own peril, you’re gonna crash.

Wise up, behavior that is consistent with his words is where it’s at!

Joel Block, explains an essential aspect of male psychology. Soft Sunday mornings with fresh squeezed orange juice. Secretly you are beginning to doubt that you and Benny are really ‘it’ forever. Maybe he’s just suffering from settling-down fever. Pathological empathy is about taking “poor baby, he needs understanding” over the top.

You’ve been hurt, dumped and duped and you’ve bounced back. Romantic walks among colorful foliage in the fall, blossoms in the spring. Or maybe he’s going through a rough spot in his life—but if that’s so, why didn’t he talk that out with you? Get this: It’s not about what he says; it’s about what he does.

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