Western australian speed dating

Its scientists, located across the country and around the world, have made important discoveries that advance both human health and our fundamental understanding of biology.

University of Western Australia researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology were part of a United Kingdom-led consortium to provide the most complete map and assembly of the wheat genome so far achieved.

Mitchell Starc, who was terrific in that losing series in Sri Lanka, is set to be fit for the first Test in Perth after slicing his leg open on a metal training stump.

If you think that sounds gruesome, that is because it is.

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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute plays an important role in advancing scientific research and education in the United States.

Australia's summer of cricket is here, and a lot has happened since we hosted Test cricket in this country. If you've been letting the cricket pass you by since New Zealand and the West Indies were here last summer, you're probably due a refresher. A bowling line-up of Chris Tremain, Scott Boland, Joe Mennie and Adam Zampa is a far cry from the sort of attack that will be assembled for the Test matches, and while each individual had moments of encouragement, they were no match for South Africa.

Perhaps more tellingly though, Australia's bowling attack was dreadfully inexperienced and got taught a bit of a lesson by the hosts.

There’s nothing more lame and embarrassing than generic speed dating.

Boring bars, hosts who don't give a toss and a few hard-to-swallow drinks with forced, stuffy conversation… The total package is a friendly game that's usually around one to two hours long (but not too long to be all awkward and sh*t), a few laughs, a free drink, some light snacks​, meet some single cats and​ lastly get a chance to win some WAK prizes!

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