Validating the cross racial identity scale

It also dispels common myths about immigrants and emphasizes the need to value the unique attributes and contributions of immigrant populations, particularly with regard to culture and language.

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The report aims to provide psychological researchers, practitioners, educators and graduate students with an understanding of the psychological process of immigration and the demographic transformation underway in American society.

In interactions with people from foreign cultures, a person who is interculturally competent understands the culture-specific concepts of perception, thinking, feeling, and acting.

Intercultural competence is sometimes also called "cross-cultural competence" (3C) although there is a tendency to use the former for the intercultural contact and the latter for comparison between cultures.

The main purpose of this study was to investigate how internal factors (age, illness, gender, emotion, behaviour, spirituality and physical activity) predict resilience of elementary school-aged children exposed to the major flood in Serang, Indonesia.

The total final samples were 162 children who were 9-12 years and who were studied in 3rd to 6th years.

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