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In Canada and Alaska, lynx inhabit the classic boreal forest ecosystem known as the taiga.

The range of lynx populations extends south from the classic boreal forest zone into the subalpine forest of the western United States, and the boreal/hardwood forest ecotone in the eastern United States.

Forests with boreal features extend south into the contiguous United States along the North Cascade and Rocky Mountain Ranges in the west, the western Great Lakes Region, and northern Maine.

Within these general forest types, lynx are most likely to persist in areas that receive deep snow and have high-density populations of snowshoe hares, the principal prey of lynx.

KARE 11 Investigates has identified eight women who say Alldred made up false identities, lied to them and gained access to their finances.

In some cases they claim they didn’t realize who he really was until he had taken them for thousands of dollars.

When Lynx displays an HTML file, it shows links as "bold face" text, except for one link, which is shown as "highlighted" text.

If you want to recall recent status-line messages, you can do so by entering the “g” command, followed by “LYNXMESSAGES:”.

” key if vi-like key movement is not on) to see a list of help topics.

See the section titled Navigating hypertext documents with Lynx for information on navigating through the help files.

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