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It’s not uncommon for undergraduate students to take 5 or 6 classes a semester in college.In graduate school, five classes would be nigh impossible.You’ll have to learn to prioritize the most important readings and actively skim the rest.Moreover, the structure of the courses will be different. 34 CFR 668.32, 34 CFR 685.200 Federal regulations require, with some exemptions, that a student must be enrolled in an eligible academic program for the purpose of obtaining a degree or approved certificate program offered by a school.A student not enrolled in a degree or approved certificate program is not eligible to receive federal financial aid.Being aware of the changes you’ll be expected to make can help the transition to graduate school feel less daunting.

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If you arrive late, you will proceed across the stage at the end of your degree group (and out of alphabetical order).

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, and for many singletons out there, just passing by the grocery store’s “seasonal” aisle can be an unpleasant reminder of one’s relationship status.

Of course, being single, even during Valentine’s Day, can be a liberating experience and also a time of personal growth and discovery.

Many students begin graduate school believing that it’s basically an overgrown version of their undergraduate education. How much different could taking classes and writing papers possibly be?

The truth is, there are some big differences between college and graduate school.

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