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'It's fantastic that there are women-only sessions,' says the 24 year old, who is learning to swim.

'I never would have tried swimming if the women-only sessions didn't exist.' Another swimmer at St George's, Hasina Assam, 38, who is clad in a pink sweatshirt and Lycra leggings, says the Koran requires her to be modest and she comes because she is 'shy' about showing her body in front of men, a feeling echoed by most of the women here.

Graffiti linked to the far-right group the English Defence League was found on the outside of the building. No one has been arrested in connection with that incident.

Police say there is no evidence the two incidents are linked directly.

Covered from neck to ankle in a ruby-red Lycra tunic, with matching trousers and head scarf, she splashes through the water like a bright tropical fish.

The informant claims young girls are forced to marry and sleep with older commanders in marriages that last just seven days, before being divorced and partnered with a new spouse.The east London schoolgirls, who attend the Bethnal Green Academy, are now believed to be in based in the Syrian town of Raqqa – the Islamic State's self-declared capital.A 33-year-old former Islamic State fighter named Hamza has now described the shocking conditions young women might face if they travel to the war-torn region."There were some Tunisian Muslim girls who came from Syria," he told The Independent."Those Muslim girls were sleeping with some commanders under a marriage contract for a week only and then they were divorced and married to another one.But as cuts to our public services inevitably loom, maybe it's time to ask: should our public facilities be used to benefit different communities in this way?Muslim swimming Yasmin's answer is a resounding 'yes'.

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