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So Webmasters will sign up for a banner exchange, but stick the code for displaying the banners on their "Link" or "Partners" page that already has 200 banners and text exchange ads on it.

Unfortunately, this is typical of most exchanges and part of what gives them a bad name.

I'd with work elijahethan28 again and will definitely be inviting them future projects.

Sure, some people have banner ad blockers and others ignore them, but they still can create a buzz if you purchase enough impressions on good services and you have a good ad.

One of my jobs as publisher of Online Dating Magazine is to oversee the functionality of our Online Dating Banner Exchange.

Following banner types and sizes are accepted: 468×60, 728×90 and 160×600 banners in “GIF”, “JPEG” and “Flash” formats. You are welcome to contact our custom team if you want to create a special banner for your website.

The unique beauty of your dating partner will quickly become apparent to you. When intimacy is your goal, you don’t hang out on the surface waiting for the conditions to be right.

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