Feedee dating

This burp video, which was recorded in October, now has more than 43,000 views. She's up to 180 pounds, a roughly 70-pound leap from her starting point.

For around to , she offers videos with titles like "Custom Belly Inflation," "Cherry Cake Stuffing, Pt.

We had emailed each other and exchanged pictures before our initial meeting.

He pushes my head down harder and harder until my eyes water.I walked through the throngs of people and made my way to the statue of Teddy Roosevelt where we were to meet. I turned on my heel and saw just as handsome as his picture except a much larger version of him. But, I quickly disarmed by ’s charming personality and smart, quick wit.I had arrived early but after waiting ten minutes and turning round and round, I started to lose faith. I only saw his head and chest in the picture he emailed me. When I thought of my reaction later, I was deeply embarrassed.She lives a life that's otherwise by the books: She has regular jobs, plays a lot of video games, writes and cooks.But she's grown a following of fans — nearly 8,000 on You Tube alone — by posting videos of herself eating pounds of food, bloating her stomach, burping, hiccuping and poking and prodding herself.

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