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Trial 2:update spatial_table tset t.shape=sdo_geometry( 2001, 8307, sdo_point_type(t.longitude,t.latitude,null), null, null); WORKED! You can choose to Update page numbers only or Update entire table if you want to update the page numbers and the text.UPDATE my Table SET col3 = REPLACE(CONCAT(col1, '-', col3), ' ', '-') WHERE col2 = 2 figured it out till here now, but dont know how to add the leading '0' :/ (space in the replace statement is cut by SO)CREATE TABLE Table1 (`col1` INT, `col2` INT, `col3` VARCHAR(255)) ; INSERT INTO Table1 (`col1`, `col2`, `col3`) VALUES (1, 1, 'somestring 12'), (1, 2, 'somestring sd'), (2, 1, 'somestring gvr'), (2, 2, 'somestring 46'), (3, 1, 'somestring sdf'), (3, 2, 'somestring 4') ; From review queue: May I request you to please add some more context around your answer. It will help the asker and future readers both if you can add more information in your post.I'm doing an update of data in a table and have the lat/long values for a point.#1 Dead or Alive Last Round – Insufficient Memory Fix If you are using a 32-bit operation system and you have more than 2GB of memory installed, you could get this error.In order to fix it, use the following steps: This should fix the insufficient memory issue.I probably didn't need to, but gtype=2001, srid=8307, and x=longitude, y=latitude.

As such the ON functions as your WHERE clause and the INNER JOIN skips records that are not found in the JOINed table.

#3 Dead or Alive 5 Last Round – Poor Performance on Laptops First thing you need to make sure is that your game is being run using the dedicated memory (AMD/Nvidia) and not the integrated one (usually intel chips). Make sure that your machine plugged in and your not using Power Saving mode.

Also, Vsync and triple buffering can limit the FPS cap below 60 if your hardware is not strong enough.

Somewhat related, I often like to write my UPDATE queries as SELECT statements first so that I can see the data that will be updated before I execute. This also has the same limitation as the proprietary Thank you!

Sebastian covers a technique for this in a recent blog post: This will tend to work across almost all DBMS which means learn once, execute everywhere. Col2 AS _Col2 FROM T1 JOIN T2 ON T1= T2/*Where clause added to exclude rows that are the same in both tables Handles NULL values correctly*/ WHERE EXISTS(SELECT T1. I know this is old, but just wanted to say this one worked for me.

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