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Language textbooks are rather expensive and generally only include the formal, written language.

You will need more exposure to the real spoken language if you want to be become fluent.

We saw more - an orange striated frogfish and a huge orange painted frogfish, a perfect camouflage for the sponges in which it hid.

At Rojos we followed a mimic octopus for about 15 minutes whilst it went through its mimicking repertoire.

If you've never been on a mandarinfish dive before, it's well worth it.

And this is just one of many astonishing underwater experiences you are likely to have on a diving trip in the Lembeh Strait ...

On one dive at TK 3 we swam down the black sand slope and within only a few seconds our guide had located our first frogfish - this one was a yellow hairy frogfish, looking rather like a worn out tennis ball.

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