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Biggs's involvement in the Great Train Robbery has long been debated with some suggesting he was only involved because he could recruit a train driver to move the train once it had been stopped at a false set of signals.

Following an outcry over Charmian Biggs cashing in on her husband's crime by selling her story to the Press, the Daily Mail sponsored a fund to help Mills's family, raising more than £34,000 by the time of his death.

The gang shared out the proceeds at isolated Leatherslade Farm - Biggs taking around £148,000 - but thereafter things started to go badly wrong, with nearly all the gang members being rounded up by the police.

However, Anthony Delano, who has written a book on the Great Train Robbery, said that Biggs was an 'idiot', adding: 'He was a small-time South London crook who nobody wanted on the team because he was a weak link.'The Transport Salaried Staffs' Association today tweeted: 'In case today's media confuses you: attacking railway staff with an iron bar to the extent they're barely able to work again really isn't OK.'The retired police officer who was the first person to discover the robbers' hideaway at Leatherslade Farm said today that Biggs was a 'self-publicist' who had managed to inflate his own role at the expense of his fellow plotters.

A 17-strong gang launched the raid on the overnight service from Glasgow at the Bridego Railway Bridge in Ledburn, Buckinghamshire in the early hours of August 8 in what has been dubbed the 'crime of the century'.

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