Obsessive compulsive dating

I mean I was totaly addicted to it, it may seam strange but it got worse from childhood. I have a good career now and live a happy life but I'd like to understand what happened to me for all those years.Im my teens and twenties i spent most of my spare time doing this, once I got to the age to start listening to music I'd body rock with music playing, with the different type of music depending one what i wanded to dream about or vice versa. I'm not entirely sure this is the right forum, maybe it should be mental health but if anyone could help me understand I would much appreciatre your thoughts! Thanks for your time I'm a 34-year old who just told her boyfriend of almost 4 years that she was a 'body rocker'.We have extensive information on OCD and Related Disorders.

People suffering from OCD realize these thoughts aren’t based on reality and their actions are excessive or senseless, but they’re often powerless to resist them.

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Anxiety is considered a normative response to stress, but when we can no longer cope effectively with stressors anxiety symptoms may become debilitating.

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