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While there was not necessarily a strong stigma attached to indentured servitude, the institution—first in England and then in Virginia—temporarily transformed free men and women into chattel, or property to be bought and sold.

But is this leap of faith entirely justified or hopelessly misplaced?Walsh’s feisty Verity steals the show early on, robbing, punching and absconding from her soon-to-be husband Meredith (Dean Lennox Kelly), a dishevelled, drunken tavern keeper ‘not worth a spit of love.’ But it’s Rundle’s hard-working farm girl Alice who seems likely to be at the centre of all the more intense drama, entering into a love triangle with her brutish suitor Henry (a grizzly Max Beesley) and his far more dashing brother Silas (Stuart Martin) that could potentially have deadly consequences.Less captivating is all the behind-the-scenes politics which Battrick’s ambitious Jocelyn willingly immerses herself in within moments of setting foot on the colony.One thing’s for sure, Jamestown will never be the same again. Here’s a chance to get a sneak peek at the three leading ladies who will be taking on the men of Jamestown and taking over our Friday nights: Alice Farm girl Alice is very grateful to be coming to the New World in hope of a better life.As payment for her travel, she was promised to a brutish man of few words called Henry.

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