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Filming got under way on Monday in Croatia for the much anticipated film about the life of of retired Croatian General Ante Gotovina.The first scenes of ‘General’, which traces the life of General Gotovina, were shot today near Sveti Rok in the Lika-Senj County.

Višnjić, who has never met Gotovina, went to The Hague to show his support when Gotovina was in prison.

Born in Sibenik, SR Croatia, to parents Zeljko and mother Milka, this actor was interested in acting since a very small age and thus appeared in several plays as a child. He appeared as Ustasa in the highly controversial film of Yugoslavia, named Braca po materi.

He also worked in the Yugoslavian army and later on the Croatian Ground Army.

Croatia’s Hollywood actor Goran Višnjić is playing the part of General Gotovina, and he says he was very nervous before filming started today and it was a great honour to be playing a ‘hero’ of his.

After a turbulent youth and years spent as a French legionnaire and mercenary, Gotovina achieved hero status in the Croatian War of Independence.

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