Updating kde mandrake

I have Maverick 10.10 installed in my laptop and everything was running fine. Anybody please suggest how can I login bypassing the theme loading as said or using/installing another desktop other than KDEUsing Opera's revolutionary email client: That's KDE 4.5.5 / 4.6.0, isn't it?Yesterday I have added backports and updated the KDE from 5.5 to 6.0. But on restart it says it could not open the theme file. Sorry, I have no idea what to do about the theme file problem, but if you want to return to the older working KDE version, this is how I would do it: I'm not sure if you get the KDM screen - from there you can get a terminal to login with Ctrl-Alt-F2.UPDATING YOUR DISTRO A very important job to do on a regular basis is to get the updates for your distro: Bugfixes and security updates.Some distro´s need very few updates, others need long lists and large amounts of MB´s to keep them running smooth and safe.

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SUSE quietly released their RPMs a couple of days ago.You can mark them all for complete removal and repeat it with packages from the other maverick-backports repositories.Then click on the "Custom filters" button at the lower left and select the "Marked Changes" line above."If that's not the probnlem the Ctrl-Alt-F1 and then log in as root and kill the session." - and THEN ?? 0f course who needs to shutdown a machine, why not just cut the power-line?!are there ANY OTHER hints about "lock-screen-password-doesn't-work-anymore-because-of-updating-to-KDE-3.0.3" ????

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