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(B) Transmission electron micrograph showing the point of contact between a pollen grain (P) and a stigma papillus (S), colorized to highlight the pollen coat (pink), intine (peach), exine (green), stigma cell wall (yellow), and stigma cuticle (blue).

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Poland has an ombudsman/advocate for children's rights.

I did notice a lot of Spanish male students upon my first visit, but now I’m seeing hordes of older Spanish men coming for the explicit purpose to have sex with Polish girls.

Many nights I was in a club where over 50% of the men were foreign.

Pursuant to Article 43 of the Road Traffic Act of 20 June 1997, children aged 7 or less may only use the roads when accompanied by persons aged 10 and up (this does not applyfor the areas where the children live).

The parents (legal guardians) decide whether a child may be present in public places unaccompanied by an adult.

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