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They're a thirty-something, married couple from a comfortable Washington, DC suburb.They work in downtown DC, drive their kids in carpools, and may be one table over from you at Outback Steakhouse, talking about mortgage payments and Labor Day barbecue plans. They have had sex with other couples in their home and at swinger house parties, on boats and in clubs, in threesomes, foursomes, group sex rooms, and much more.You might imagine it's men who are begging their wives to swing, but in many cases, it's the wives who want to try it.I spoke with six happily married female swingers (many are moms) and several husbands (some names have been changed), who spoke honestly about their motivations, meet-ups, and ah-ha moments.Jump in, there's no signup required, you can view live video chat, talk, meet people and make friends in the free chat rooms 24/7.

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It's what piqued their interest in "the lifestyle" and locked them in for life.

Secret, although being somewhat of an unknown live chat network, is one of the longest running sites in the business.

For the longest time, I refused to review this site simply because the site design looked so bad.

Here, a peek into what interested them in the lifestyle, and what keeps them going back for more.

On a typical Saturday night at the Tabu Social Club in Catonsville, Maryland, Carolyn and Dave hit the dance floor.

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