Form not validating on submit

No re-translation is necessary and the format of this message is the same across core and contributed [email protected] : Provide more details regarding what type of error you are getting.

Because i just retested the patch and have not seen any WSOD after applying this on 7.x-2.x-dev. I have three fields A, B, C, A is select list field which has values 1 ,2 If i select 1 in A then B should be visible and required If i select 2 then A should be visible and required Here when i select 1 or two the required red star changes as it should be but visible, invisible doesn't work in the required field if you enter value and save it it wont save.

i need to validate either single or multiple ui-select with required attribute and get html5 required popup like it happens with normal html5 select - can anybody tell me if there's a solution for that ? I've tried fixes in 10 - they don't seem to resolve issue) @shenlong did you manage to find solution to have ui-select single/multiple to validate required attribute and show popup like on the simple html5 select ? I could have used the patch mentioned in the thread but just don't want to mess up my dependencies in any way.

tnx Can anyone please tell me how can we extend the directive mentioned above to accomodate the checking of validation only when the element is visible ? Thanks There are chances of getting model Value as undefined and therefore checking both model Value and view Value seems to be a better option.

Maybe something like that will be added in a 2.1/2.2 release.?

This allows you to have this string translation immediately available for most languages, because it already exists for core.

I tested the fix you proposed: if ($('#add Participant Form').find('.has-error').length) // PROCESS DATA However, the fix does not work (first time you click on submit I don't enter inside the IF block and thus data are processed)...

I have same problem, when i click on submit button bootstrap Validator trow error but AJAX are also submit the form .

For example, if you are going to send an email confirmation letter, the email address should be included in the form fields, and it should be an email address that works.This can make filling out the form tedious, and people might stop in the middle.If you use the following script and Perl source you will know how to validate an entire form at once, displaying a series of error messages that your reader can then go back and fix.This page collects some popular check list to avoid this problem.I am new at javascript, and am trying to get it so that when a user doesn't fill out all fields on my form, that they get an alert error.

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