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Role theory arose when social scientists took seriously the insight that social life could be compared with the theater, in which actors played predictable ‘‘rôles.’’ This insight was pursued independently by three major contributors in the early 1930s with somewhat different agendas.For Ralph Linton (an anthropologist), role theory was a means for analyzing social systems, and roles were conceived as ‘‘the dynamic aspects’’ of societally recognized social positions (or ‘‘statuses’’).Several of the most active editors of this article are simply FG apologists.

Nothing bad is happening to the global climate, despite efforts by climate scientists to hype up every twitch of the thermometer.Read more: my opinion, the problem with people like Tyson is they think they have a monopoly on being right.And there are a lot of reasons for thinking Tyson is not right about everything.To suggest it is unreasonable to have doubts about alarmist climate projections in the face of such a shambolic track record of failure and exaggeration in my opinion is pure arrogance – personal hubris dressed up as scientific opinion.Role theory concerns the tendency for human behaviors to form characteristic patterns that may be predicted if one knows the social context in which those behaviors appear.

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