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Sandra Bullock's worst nightmare -- the guy she found standing in her hallway in the middle of the night -- copped a plea in the felony stalking and burglary case ...he won't be going to jail, but the punishment is actually comforting to Sandra.With everything that they know in their lives taken from them, Lisa and George attempt to find romance.Lisa's potential boyfriend, Matty, however, is as clueless and perpetually single as they come, and George's girlfriend just dumped him.

Bullock made an understandably panicked 911 call after barricading herself in her room ... No one's monitoring the person who's the subject of the restraining order.

Like if I would rather leave the theater and the I spent on it than watch it. The only problems I saw with it were that it was a little long.

I thought they could have cut some scenes out and not only gotten away with it, but made it a more enjoyable experience.

Now that Corbett is on probation, he'll be monitored by a probation officer who can keep tabs on him and make sure he takes his meds.

Typically, someone who takes the required meds becomes harmless.

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