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It also alleges that Zhang told Shi that she’d have a “bright future” at the company if Shi had sex with Zhang.

Shi is also alleging that her former boss, Zhang, gave her low performance review marks in 2013’s second and third quarters.

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Zhang is a senior director of engineering at Yahoo Mobile, and she is being accused of sexual harassment and wrongful termination by Nan Shi, a former principal software engineer, who worked under Zhang.

A complaint, filed on July 8 in Santa Clara Superior Court, states that Zhang allegedly coerced Shi into participating in digital and oral sex with Zhang on several occasions.

“There is absolutely no basis or truth to the allegations against Maria Zhang,” a representative from Yahoo told Reuters in an email.

A Florida man who once had common neo-Nazi beliefs with his two roommates killed them after he converted to Islam, claiming they had disrespected his faith, police say. ” He said he was upset that America was bombing Muslim countries, Tampa Bay police Detective Kenneth Nightlinger wrote in a police report.

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