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Portland, Oregon is among the most uniquely hip places on the legal marijuana map, with a peerless combination of quirk and breakneck creativity that enchants visitors and locals alike.

That said, it’s far from a tourist mecca, which makes this dynamic city of neighborhoods an ideal destination.

Tours are limited to a block , and consist of tunnels going to a few basements of bars.

The Shanghai tunnels are/were a series of catacombs and tunnels that wind around on one level down from the streets that run from the North end of Portland; historic downtown area, Skidmore fountain, China town, to the south end of town; with tunnels that led to the riverfront, providing opportunities for lucrative business ventures.

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To explore the tunnels, you must join a tour with a guide.December 19, 2016 Follow @Portland Police During the week of December 5 to December 10, 2016, the Portland Police Bureau's Sex Trafficking Unit conducted an undercover mission to address online sex trafficking.Investigators posted online ads on known sex trafficking websites.11 men contacted undercover police officers to arrange payment for sexual acts.Investigators were assisted by a Portland hotel as part of this effort.

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