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He was angry & recently been under a lot of stress. He was…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade33 Comments One cold winter morning, Felesha Fox came running alongside her friend, Frances Fox. When there isn’t enough attraction and connection in a dating situation, things will fizzle out – no matter how much we want to hold on.“Hahahah, look at all these male foxes chasing after me, Frances! ” Frances, looking a little embarrassed and scared, turned around to see 10 male foxes or more, chasing her friend Felesha Fox. In these situations, when a man pulls away, it means that we should…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade4,573 Comments Our intention to stay connected to a man in an argument is worth gold.Aside from unconditional love and a willingness …Few things are as torturous as facing Valentine’s Day alone.It’s not just the holiday itself, but the fact that hearts and cupids are thrust down your throat everywhere you turn.And what about the fact that understanding men is being…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade34 Comments Have you ever thought; ‘if I can avoid feeling pain, why shouldn’t I? In fact, we as humans naturally have a drive to prefer comfort over pain.’ Or even thought ‘why feel pain if you don’t have to? Most of us in the world spend…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade77 Comments ‘I haven’t found a job in 8 months, but I know I will, it’s OK.’ ‘I’m 45 and I’ve never had children and I have always wanted them. And much to my frustration, depending on when and how…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade167 Comments Warning: Abuse can be a very serious and very sensitive issue for many women…

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You no longer feel like that princess or that goddess that perhaps he once treated you as. A man withdrawing from the relationship doesn’t have to cause you suffering.

If you guys have a great time, you're both left wanting more." —Greg G." /"Please don't assume we're going to the nicest restaurant in the city because I won't take you there.

Opt for something that gives you both an easy out, like lunch or a drink.

Learn relationship advice that works to create more attraction and more passion and more connection as the years go on. I told him I was so hurt that he didn’t call me after we had sex for the first time.

Instead having things fizzle and experiencing infidelity in your relationship, learn the best relationship tools now to prevent being hurt later. We weren’t even on a date when I burst out crying; I just bumped into him at college.” Kristy said to Gianna.

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