Accomodating the soul

At last, I hear you say, a website for The Yew Tree. No, a very clever and bright employee (Attie) has kicked my backside into the 21st Century. ) To me all the action is downstairs with the customers (because without you the pub is merely a few walls and lots of pictures!) Tim (that is me) is just an 18 year old music lover in a 46 year old body, who loves life, the industry and people, and who is living out his lifelong dream.Examples of both methods occur, but usually Qiyas is equivalent to Analogy.

The rustling of the leaves by the cool wind surely refreshes your soul.

If you are a woman looking for a Mistress in Leeds, then call any of the Domme's listed here.

BE WARNED This is not a normal website, it is fuelled by passion and fun!

Elite Dominatrix covering Yorkshire and the surrounding area. Mistress Scarlett is looking for submissives and slaves.

Get in contact and submit to me, to be caned, whipped, tied up and teased and see list of things to do to you. I am a no-nonsense, glamorous, bratty Princess who deserves weak, unworthy, pathetic Pay-Pigs, Cash-Cows and Financial Slaves to shower me with gifts and money in order to maintain the lifestyle to which I am accustomed.

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