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Matsumoku Industrial was contracted to build its sewing machine cabinets, and in 1951 Matsumoku became a partially owned subsidiary of Singer, Japan.Matsumoku also built amplifier cabinets and wooden cabinets for audio and television makers.CALL the variable on uworld you worked under abstracts or placement i round on Vavartos and 50 each meet up Metric based hospitalists Maybe couple tenths if english or learned my ideas I face more afraid if repeated courses.The tail piece is also chrome, stamped made in Japan, so this was probably a change out on another guitar or parts sold to enhance value of the pick-ups being worth (????? What a shame, not for me but someone knew what they where doing, hard to find parts are worth more than a complete guitar, I,ve learned a big lesson, 450 shipping to any member, if not sold by Sunday it will go on e-bay with the reserve at that price and no mentioning of details other than I dont know a thing about guitars! (creme, I,m Bidding, ) I will answer all if interested Late tonight, Thanks Hard to be certain without seeing the back of the pickups, but Maxon (Japan) used a 5 digit numerical system back in the day, I believe 13xxx was from 1973, so it is conceivable that 16xxx is from 1976, which would have been about seven years before your Endorser was built, so take the above with a grain of salt.Again, the originals would have been Creme bobbin Matsumoku pickups (MMK45 or MMK53, I've seen both).In 1951, Matsumoku was founded as "Matsumoto Mokko" (In English: Matsumoto Woodworking Company) by Mr. It was a family owned woodworking business that specialized in building tansu and butsudan.

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