Common dating myths

Truth is, there’s no secret rule book – the dating world is just as confusing as the rest of reality, and it’s time to for us to stop relying on old tips and tricks. College moves by quickly, and before you know it, that guy you were playing hard to get with might move on because he thought you weren’t interested. We’re all on a college budget, guys included, and the costs of bills, textbooks and that extra Guac at Chipotle adds up. In the past, the man paying the bill was part of courting a woman, but there’s no need to follow those traditional gender roles today.Yet the core of attraction between a man and a woman is actually nothing more than a chemical reaction the two of you share in each other's presence.Men must feel an attraction to you immediately but you don't have to feel an immediate attraction to him.

If that's because those women are afraid of coming off too strong, here's a wake-up call: Another Match survey found that 90% of American men (not just Match users) say they'd be comfortable with a woman asking them out. If he's emotionally healthy, he is happy to be your greatest protector and he will willingly fix anything for you when he can.This is why it's so important to have girlfriends who will happily process any story with you over a good martini or a glass of wine. Yes, you'll hear stories shared by women who have said they just knew when they met their husband that he was the one.Pay your way, or just remember to pick up the tab on your second date.Online dating is for people who can’t get a date in real life.

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