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From Missoula, MT Randy shares an early morning mic with Damon Bungard of Orion Coolers and Clay Hayes of Twisted Stave.

Having a nickname should be fun for all involved, so make it fun!

free spirits, carving backcountry utensils, how long to hang meat in the backcountry, and a host of other campfire topics from Sasquatch Country.

THE BEST SELLING WHITETAIL HUNTING BOOK IN HISTORY IS BACK! All the information, all the bucks, all the Benoits and all the color photos; at a bargain price.

Let's get right into the nicknames, then we'll give you some tips for when to use nicknames and how to come up with an awesome, personalized nickname for you or a friend!

Believe it or not, many of us go our entire lives knowing what nicknames are, or even giving them at some point but never actually having a nickname ourselves. I have no clue, but I know I’ve had a few cool nicknames, myself, and they still follow me to this day!

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