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MORE: Why Lauren Harries must win CBB Being James Harries Born in Surrey in 1978, the young Harries was essentially a jumped up hoarder of tat who collected bric-a-brac from car boot sales and second-hand shops. Lauren recalled, ‘I was this little freak in this little suit with a bowtie on’.

Persuing this hobby she eventually struck lucky with a pricey piece of porcelain and was even featured in the local Cardiff rag. She may have lost the bow-tie, but we hope she hasn’t lost the attitude – nothing makes for better Big Brother than a housemate with a bit of a freak streak.

Her narration and voice acting can be heard on, Escape Pod, and various short fiction podcasts.

There she meets nurse Ali Krieger, whos marriage has fallen apart due to lack of intimacy.

“[You can] hear what’s happening in the control tower and talk to your kids about all the things that are happening with the planes taking off and landing.

It just adds an extra dimension to that park,” she said. Cook up some fun: One of Kite’s favorite activities is spending some time in the kitchen.

Lauren was raised by an impulsive furniture mover and an itinerant TV News professional in a string of homes up and down the East Coast of the United States.

Eventually settling (sort of) in Raleigh, NC, Lauren befriended a band of whimsical nerds who found themselves de-facto beta readers for her scribblings.

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