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Utah mother of two Kayli Shoff caught a frightening moment on her nanny cam when one of her twin boys, Brock, had a dresser fall on top of him.

Luckily, his twin brother, Bowdy, was able to muster the strength to get the furniture off of his brother. We didn’t hear a cry, we didn’t hear a big thud,” Kayli said.

I ain't gon' get too hyped over you man, we gone bury you Holla!

“So we woke up, looked at the camera like, ‘What’s going on? ’ and we saw [the dresser] was all the way down.” Now, Kayli is warning all parents to secure heavy furniture and make sure an accident doesn’t turn into a tragedy.

Perfect for new readers, the Bones easy-to-read mystery series—written by the author of the popular Cam Jansen books—features easy-to-follow and humorous storylines, brief sentences, and visual clues within the vibrant, wacky illustrations.

Have your class read this book (available in paperback from Puffin--Penguin tel # 8 -- ask for multi-book discount)email David at [email protected]​to set a date for the talk, then listen to insights from the author, and ask him questions about the book. READ THE JEFFREY BONES MYSTERIES Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery Bones and the Cupcake Mystery Bones and the Dinosaur Mystery Bones and the Birthday Mystery Bones and the Math Test Mystery Bones and the Roller Coaster Mystery (All published by Viking)When Cam wants to remember something she says "Click!

She is trying to light a candle but can't find a string?

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