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Write down the name of at least twenty romance films, Titanic, Love Actually, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Notebook, etc., on the stickers. Throughout the party they can ask questions about their movie but no one can reveal the answer.Once they have guessed correctly you can award them a small prize.

You will need sticker paper and a marker for this game.

It's Saturday night at Play Date in Atlanta, Georgia, where 400 adults have gathered to play games, drink and socialize.

"It's not your usual bar scene where I look good, you look good, I'm scared to talk to you," Hayes says as he scans a giant Jenga tower for the right block to pull.

And on the dance floor, Imari Havard is hula-hooping with some ladies.

Havard is the co-founder of Timeless Entertainment Concepts, host of Play Date, with Ryan Hill and Ronald Gaither.

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