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We have NOT made a ton of money trading/investing in stocks; we simply make our money from advertising them.

Always assume we have been hired by someone who wants to sell shares of the profiled company, or assume we have been hired by a media buyer or investor relations company, who in turn was hired by someone who wants to sell shares of the profiled company.

We are NOT experts, we are NOT trained financial advisors, and we are NOT stock gurus.

There are many wild animals including the elephants,lions,cheetah,tigers,hippos,snakes,crocodiles the trend flowing This is a chat room for Preppers and those who seek freedom and equality.

That means they can go up and down in price without warning and can go from trading a lot of volume to not having any trading volume without warning.

We only accept cash as compensation we do not accept shares as compensation, however you should assume that whoever paid that compensation does have shares to sell in the open market and the sale of those shares can have a negative effect on the price of the stock in question.

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