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Bush holding daughter Barbara, Laura Bush holding daughter Jenna, Barbara Bush, George Bush, Sam Le Blond, Doro Bush Lebond, George P.(Jeb's son), Jeb Bush holding son Jebby, Columba Bush and Noelle Bush.Then-Texas Governor Rick Perry (center) testifies as Bush (right) and then-Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano (left) listen during a hearing before the House Committee on Homeland Security on Capitol Hill October 19, 2005.Bush walks out of the West Wing after meeting with his brother, then-President George W. Governor Bush participated in the signing ceremony of the Everglades Protection Agreement.The incident that occurred on December, 29, 2014, has received an unusual amount of media attention.Perhaps it’s the unwelcome notion of government intervention in parental affairs, or the outrage that so many kids think consequences don’t apply to them.But, instead of saving some far away, imaginary land, you’re doing good, right here, in America,” Ecko says in his promotional You Tube video.

Those whose parents used “harsh verbal discipline” such as yelling, cursing and using insults were more likely to be depressed or have behavior problems.

Then-Mexican President Vincente Fox (left) and Bush hold a press conference September 7, 2001, in Miami. Bush (second left), his wife Barbara Bush (left), their son Jeb Bush (center), then-first lady Hillary Clinton (second right), and former then-President Bill Clinton (right) look up to see the U. Army Golden Knights parachute team November 6, 1997 at the conclusion of the dedication ceremony of the George Bush Library in College Station, Texas.

Fox visited Florida to attend the Americas Conference and deliver a speech to speak about issues such as immigration. Bush (right) is greeted by Jeb Bush on March 21, 2001, at Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida. President George W., former Florida Governor Jeb, former President George H. and his wife Barbara, watch play during the Foursomes matches September 25, 1999 at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts the site of the 33rd Ryder Cup Matches. Portrait of the Bush family in front of their Kennebunkport, Maine house August 24, 1986.

The study found it was also not effective in getting children to stop what they were doing, and that it was damaging even to children in homes that were generally warm and loving.

“If you yell at your child, you either create somebody who yells back at you or somebody who is shamed and retreats,” said Meghan Leahy, a mother of three and a parenting coach in Northwest Washington.

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