Female led dating

) After trying hard for many years to fit into the old style of family life, our founder Debbie (aka Queen Bee) realized that she wasn't being true to who she really is.

In an effort to get her hard earned lessons about personal happiness and self acceptance out to other women, this website was created.

Yes, we all know the woman is the boss in most families. Please comment if you have any advice or questions.Is a relationship based on the Females wants and desires something more common to us who have lived in role reversed households?Although many men and Women find female control and power the best and most fuffilling relationship, it is deeply based on sharing, trust and respect for both partners. Many men have a great love and respect for woman that goes beyond the mainstream.She Makes the Rules website is completely owned and run by real women.It was designed for women who are interested in learning how to embrace their inner bossiness!

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