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I was inspired by linguist Heidi Harley's catalog of Simpsons linguistic phenomena to start a parallel list of fictitious brand names used on episodes of The Simpsons. The job was made somewhat easier by the gnomes of Wikipedia, the Simpson Crazy fan site, and this interactive map of Springfield.It's a tough job--much tougher than I'd imagined--and, frankly, nobody has to do it. (UPDATED with new URL and cooler map.) There's a backlog of episodes whose scripts still haven't been uploaded to fan sites, and I didn't begin taking notes until this year, so the list is weighted toward the 1990s. Also, the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover always bugged me because — in my opinion — the legacy and cultural impact of The Simpsons (regardless of how mediocre it is now) is such that a crossover with Family Guy just sort of besmirches The Simpsons. I always thought that the first four seasons of Futurama are about as good as any animated show in TV history. Whereas the odd-numbered seasons are less consistent but feature higher highs and lower lows. Halloween of Horror (S27E4 / TABF22) | Writer = Carolyn Omine | Director = Mike B. Barthood (S27E9 / VABF02) | Writer = Dan Greaney | Director = Rob Oliver | Showrunner = Al Jean 3.Much Apu About Something (S27E12 / VABF05) | Writer = Michael Price | Director = Bob Anderson | Showrunner = Al Jean 4.This show is one of those things that I’ve always seen people classify as the latter, so I went into it with very low expectations.The common mockery of the show – that each episode is just “Ash and co.

Harry Shearer has returned after his latest salary holdout. As with last season's thread, this will be the place to discuss new episodes away from the classic era loving confines of the Simpsons Community thread where such talk would be considered blasphemous.

Futurama and The Simpsons have crossed paths before, but this? This is the intro to Simpsorama, a complete crossover between The Simpsons and Futurama. a) The Simpsons and Futurama have a creator in common.

A crossover that just aired in the US and makes zero sense, but still probably makes more sense than that Simpsons/Family Guy crossover that should never have happened.

'Paths of Glory (S27E8 / VABF01) | Writer = Michael Ferris | Director = Steven Dean Moore | Showrunner = Al Jean 5. Cohen | Director = Timothy Bailey | Showrunner = Matt Selman 6.

The Marge-ian Chronicles (S27E16 / VABF09) | Writer = Brian Kelley | Director = Chris Clements | Showrunner = Matt Selman 7. Stewart Burns | Director = Michael Polcino | Showrunner = Al Jean 8.

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