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Design: We conducted a nonrandomized pilot intervention study in which 115 children eligible for outpatient treatment of SAM were provided a monthly ration of RUTF.

Anthropometric measurements were taken weekly for 4 wk to monitor treatment response.

SAM defined by having weight-for-height (WH) less than - 3 Z score or bi-pedal nutritional edema is an important cause of death in children globally including Bangladesh.

The death rate among children hospitalized for SAM is still high.

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Background: Community-based management of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) has been shown to be safe and cost-effective, but program coverage remains low.

Treatment models that maintain high levels of clinical effectiveness but allow for increased coverage are still needed.

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Milk powder is expensive and often must be imported - in Malawi the cost of milk powder represents over half the cost of the final RUTF.RUTFs are an energy-dense lipid paste enriched with vitamins and minerals.The typical composition (ingredient % of weight) of RUTF is whole milk powder 30%; sugar 28%; vegetable oil 15.4%; peanut paste 25%; and mineral vitamin mix 1.6%.A reduced schedule of follow-up, in which children receive clinical follow-up and therapeutic foods on a monthly rather than weekly basis, may be one alternative.Objective: We aimed to describe the safety and feasibility of a monthly distribution of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) in the treatment of uncomplicated SAM, in terms of clinical response to treatment and household RUTF use.

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