Tamara dating advice age dating difference

After speaking with August, her phone rings and she walks away to answer it.While she is busy, August steals her cash and runs away.What makes this situation even worse is that Petra and Tamara’s poor father, Bernie, has a net worth of billion.

As payment, she gives him a cherished photo of herself and her grandmother.

Among the lavish, opulent, and ridiculously expensive things the two sisters spent their money on, are Petra's £12 million wedding and Tamara's £1 million crystal bathtub.

They spent the entirety of their trust in less than ten years.

It’s times like this that will make him wish their mother was Jewish. While our team at Elite does love the Ecclestone sisters dearly, we are embarrassed that they’ve squandered their inheritance so quickly on frivolous purchases.

We can’t foresee any realistic, viable means of them regaining that wealth any time soon.

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