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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina led the Awami League (AL) to victory in the 2008 parliamentary elections, which international and domestic observers considered free and fair, although with isolated irregularities and sporadic violence.

In most instances security forces reported to civil authorities.

(2) In pension planning, the assumptions that actuaries make in the areas of investment earnings, mortality, plan expenses, salary levels, and employee turnover.

These assumptions affect the amount of the annual contribution that is necessary to adequately fund a defined benefit pension plan.

Some nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) faced legal and informal restrictions on their activities.

These include the division of retired pay and the payment of SBP (Survivor Benefit Program) premiums.

For a given group of insureds, the accumulated cost of insurance equals the net single premium that would have to be paid at the end of the term of coverage by the surviving insureds to provide death benefits on the insureds who died during the term.

(1) The mortality, morbidity, interest, expense, and other forecasts used to calculate premium rates and reserves.

A supplementary benefit rider or endorsement that provides for an amount of money in addition to the basic death benefit of a life insurance policy.

This additional amount is payable only if the insured dies or loses any two limbs or the sight of both eyes as the result of an accident.

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